Friday, 10 September 2010

Number of visits so far to the blog

Just checked the statistics for the blog: 509 visits since Sept 4, 2010! A very good number, even if it is not unique visits.


  1. I guess that's because of the limited internet access! Not everyone got a password and those who have one, can't always get connected...

  2. The connection seems stable today. I was logged in non-stop from 9.00 this morning until 12 noon. I got my ID and password from the registration desk.

  3. Me too, fortunately :)

    But that might be the reason for less blog readers...

  4. Many people are following us via Twitter, and Twitter tweets containing the #eurocall2010 hashtag are fed into the CoveritLive windows in the blog. We have followers online in a wide range of countries, including the USA, Australia, UK, France, India and Germany.

  5. Some questions to ponder and statements to debate arising from eurocall sessions would lend to more blog comments :)

    What is the most interesting idea you've come across, presented at the conference?
    What had made you go "hmmm, yes, but..."?
    What is something that's made you go "I thought I was the only one!"?
    Do you agree that...
    etc :)