Monday, 13 September 2010

EUROCALL 2010: After the Event

I just got back home safely, having collected our greyhound from the boarding kennels - he was SO pleased to see us!

Thanks to Dominique Macaire and all her team for making this a truly remarkable and memorable conference. The Virtual Strand team (Peppi Taalas, Mirjam Hauck and I) are especially grateful to Lesley Graham for maintaining the flow of @Eurocall2010 tweets - and thanks to all the other twitterati who commented on the keynotes, parallel sessions and social events. All the Twitter tweets marked with the hashtag #eurocall2010 have been fed into the CoveritLive windows in this blog and can be replayed at infinitum (well, for as long as Blogger and CoveritLive allow us to). I am leaving the last CoveritLive window (Day 4) open for the time being so that it will continue to pick up tweets and comments. It's located in this blog at:

Here are all the other Virtual Strand links:


All the best, and I hope to see you at EUROCALL 2011 in Nottingham.

Graham Davies

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  1. Dear Graham, dear all,

    after a very nice and sunny Sunday in Bordeaux and Arcachon I am back again in rainy and rather cool Dresden :-(.
    I very much agree with Graham in that it was a successful and enjoyable conference. After a bad beginning for me (I was stuck in Paris for Tuesday night due to the strike) it was a week full of memorable events, both academically as well as socially.

    Thank you, in particular, to the virtual team who managed to be there live and cover it for the virtual participants. Personally, I can only admire how you manage to split your attention between the real thing and the coverage for the virtual strand. So, well done Peppi, Mirjam and Graham and all the contributors!

    I hope now that more people will share their conference photos here on the platform! I will have a look at mine - but it could take a few days more.

    Kind regards