Monday, 20 September 2010

Avalon - Second Life

With a general aim of exploring and experimenting with Second Life as a environment for interacting and learning languages, Avalon ( ) involves ten full partners as well as associates in a multilateral and transversal European project lasting for two years. The partners have created and tested activities, developed scenarios, designed and run language courses, and provided models and best practices. All activities take place in Second Life. Luisa Panichi and Mats Deutschmann focus on one course as an example during the presentation: a debating course (English B1-2). Second life is applied for collaborating with other cultures and for communicating effectively. In this virtual world the learners can engage in small group work. Given the ability to move physically allows for e.g. for prepositions to become embedded in action. The course is designed as a debating competition, with mixed cross-cultural groups, and topics related to Internet culture and online education. Would you like to participate in learning Spanish – do you have students who are learning French? Get in touch with Luisa Panichi! Would you like to take part in a course for teachers – learning about and through Second Life? Again, contact Luisa Panichi!

See also for more. Get in touch with Luisa:, who is the local project leader - to join the teacher space. All are welcome to join!

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